2 pcs 84 cm / 33
2 pcs 84 cm / 33
2 pcs 84 cm / 33
2 pcs 84 cm / 33
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2 pcs 84 cm / 33 "Rainfall softbox Umbrella Translucent photo studio Lighting photo light kit


Application: wedding photo studio, art photo, children's photography, advertising product photography, photo ID, etc.

Product Features:

  • 1. The direct-type umbrella softbox is made of direct imported materials. It can be used to get a very soft light source. The light quality is smooth and smooth, and it is round and beautiful without shadow. It is an essential accessory for wedding portraits and advertising photography.
  • 2. Better solve problems such as shadows, reflective points, and color interference.
  • 3, better to form bright, bright, soft light, the luminous surface is larger and more uniform, making the photo more realistic, the color is more realistic.
  • 4. Compared with the studio, it is more convenient to shoot out of the limitations of space.

(Note: The product does not contain the lights and brackets in the picture, customers can purchase separately from this site)

Function: When using, place the umbrella on the lamp holder for photography. Use the strong light to illuminate the inside of the umbrella, which can refract part of the light and equalize the light. The protruding details of the baby need to be shot more clearly. The scattered light is very soft. The direction is weak, the shadow is light, and the contrast is small, which can make the plain picture more full, have a three-dimensional sense, and reflect a good texture.

Suitable for use:
It is suitable for shooting photos of still life, small clothing, portraits, etc., to solve the problem of excessive light, too weak and color cast.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester